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Willow Preparation

Willow weaving is not usually a spontaneous craft, you need to plan and prepare for crafting time. Depending on which willow you are using can mean that you are thinking about soaking it the week before.

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Tension Plates and Bird Feeders

School Group Workshops

Children love to play with sticks so why not introduce them to the delights of willow. There are many projects they can engage with. 

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Coil Weave Basket

This basket is made using a coil weave. It is an unusual and beautiful weave which lends itself to making baskets a more organic and dare I say it wobbly shape. The process goes against most of the normal basket making rules and is much fun to do.  If you are interested in making one of these baskets or ordering one please get in touch. I don't usually keep these in stock.

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Kindling Baskets

These baskets are pretty and functional and can be used for many things but look amazing next to the fire with your kindling in.

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Customer Reviews


"What a lovely way to spend a day! Thanks Lin for sharing your knowledge and for your patience. I loved making my dragonfly and flower. I look forward to joining you on another of your days. :)"

Rachel Harries


"Great day yesterday. thanks Linda Powell"

Jackie Brown


"Thanks so much for today Linda we really enjoyed it :)This is a Testimonial. Let your customers tell the world how great you are."

Cassie Collins

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